Bhedkut .................Pronounces as a strange word ! One who listens to it becomes strange at once
.we belong to Kshatriya Vansh and our ancestors were soldiers of Maharana Partap .

Custom and Rituals of Bhedkut

Bhedkut Samaj is divided in two clans ( vansh ) .One is named as Bhidhu and the second one is Malha . Bhidhu and Malha are further divided into eight and twelve Gotras respectively ,which are enlisted below :
  Bhidhu -
1. Bhana
2. Ghasi
3. Ghamandi
4. Sadha
5. Machhar
6. Popat
1. Naharia
2. Nandu
3. Nathal
4. Subhania
5. Dhir
6. Tamachi
7. Kalji
8. Sewala
9. Jhanwaria
Ritual and Customs -
         Marriage System -  In the Bhedkut Samaj is depend on  endogamy ( between the caste ).A boy or girl of Malha vansh cannot marry each other becouse they belonge to same vansh . It is also in the case of Bhihdu vansh . Fore a marriage , bride and groom must belong to opposite vansh , one from Malha and the other from Bhidhu .However as the the people of this samaj are few in number so marriage could be done in families . Marriage between bua's and mama's children is valid while marriage could not be done with the children of chacha and mausa . And neither of marriage has been done like this . Most of the marriages has taken place family relation ( bua and mama) . All the customs of marriags are influenced from Sikhs Dharm . Groom ( dulha ) wears Sikh turban and helds a kirpan in his hand and bride ( dulhan ) wears the special marriage joda and chooda in her hands .
                                                                          But recently some people of this samaj are coming into the influence of Dera Sachha Sauda, Sirsa and marriage are being done with changing  Jaimala by these people .
Traditions -
                Each samaj has its own rituals and traditions  which make it different from others . At the birth of child , his  or her Namekaren is done by Mama. The birth of boy child is celebrated . Marriage ceremenies include Mahandi , ubtan and geet -snageet . Dulha held a kirpan in his hand and ghudchadhi is also a main tradtion of marriage .
        At the time of anybody's death , all of the relatives come to his Antim Yatra ( cremation ) .  Funeral is being done by elder son ( mhukagni ).   There  is Shok of thirteen or four days .Chulha is not burnt in home till the funeral . In former times , other relatives used to bring the food but in these days this tradition is vanishing  . Paath is done for the peace of departing soul . Last sanskar is named as Rasam Pagrhi.
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